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Our Story

Ninja Code Academy are different because we teach kids the connection between hardware and software and not just the coding element. We go much further by showing the children how and why this happens and is necessary to understand.

Navin Varsani created the Ninja Code Academy to offer software coding, computational and hardware design to everyone; not just the select few.


Navin loves to leverage technology providing novel ways to create fun and exciting projects that drive interactive learning without fear in a dynamic “try it and see” approach.


His interest in electronics and software systems started at the age of nine when he made his first radio powered with no batteries and just four components! The strongest signal was Radio 4 which is not very exciting when you are nine, but nevertheless extremely cool!


That intrigue fueled his curiosity and led to a global career spanning a broad depth of roles within: military/aerospace, mobile, broadcast/TV and cyber-security to mention a few. Navin held executive positions in many areas of technical microchip, systems and software design. Commercially, he has run applications engineering teams and business development operations with UK, European and Silicon Valley start-ups.


An electronics and computing pioneer, along with his natural extremely enthusiastic approach to learning, Navin is able to extend his broad "real world" technical and commercial knowledge to all students of the Ninja Code Academy... His ethos is that EVERYONE has fun and he especially enjoys grading the "best joke of the session"

Uma Varsani worked as an accountant in the City followed by a long tenure at Oracle as a Training Consultant for their Financial software and ERP suites. She then took a career break for 15 years to be a full time mother.


A Computing and business graduate, she has always had an interest in tech and firmly believes a good knowledge of software code development and use, allows you to do your job... Whatever it is... better!


Uma has a keen interest in education and has privately tutored both her own and other children for 11+.


She has been PTA chair, is involved in local charity support and a respected member of the community.


Uma and Navin's own children are of 'Generation Z' and so completely understand a parents life and the importance of preparing them for their digital futures!

About Us

Ninja Code Academy are different because we teach kids the connection between hardware and software and not just the coding element. We go much further by showing the children how and why this happens and is necessary to understand.

Why is this important?

The world of technology is moving towards machines and robots; but how do these robots know what to do?

They have to be told by humans…

But in what language?

They don't understand English. What if the robot is Chinese!

So we have to talk to the robots in a language that they understand.

Well, machines only understand one thing: power on/off. This can be represented by 1 and 0. So we can give instructions using a combination of 1's and 0's.

But what if the hardware or robot is not nearby?

This is where the Internet Of Things (IoT) comes in.

Take your heating app on your phone for example. You can control the climate in your home with your phone in Barbados!

The information is sent over the internet/Wi-Fi as 1's and 0's which the hardware reads, understands and processes.

So, at Ninja Code Academy we teach the kids not only to control the hardware using software, but also how to build the hardware using electronics, sensors, wiring, building prototypes and making the hardware system.

Once they can build the hardware, control the hardware using software, then they are on the way to becoming inventors. We don't stop there! We talk about how to build their product, control it with code, make a prototype, market research, funding, manufacturing, selling and retiring!

We teach this is through physical computing on our White Ninja!

What is the White Ninja?

This is our specially designed platform which shows with immediate effect the result from a line of code. This helps learning by engaging visually, aurally and physically. This encourages the child to learn through trial and error, by not being afraid of 'having a go', encouraging self-belief and thereby increasing confidence.

This learning is facilitated by our nurturing, fun, creative and encouraging environment in the classroom.

Differences and quirks are celebrated, we say that getting something wrong is the best way to learn and everyone is encouraged to join in.

We spend a lot of time honing and encouraging these soft skills to prepare them for their futures where they will be able to stand up and present their ideas, sell their inventions and inspire others to 'have a go' too!

In fact, within 6-7 weeks of being in our company, most kids will have stood up at the front and said something and this too, by choice!

Further adding to their skill set, Senior Ninjas are invited to come and help in Junior classes. After just a term of doing this, we see a step function change in the children’s confidence and ability. One of the best ways to learn is to teach. When you have to articulate something in several different ways, it makes your brain work a bit harder and faster. Confidence goes through the roof and social skills develop in a manner in which they could not anywhere else.

The impact of these skills is obviously felt in all areas of the childs life. We receive much parent feedback regarding increased confidence and ability in school and academics.