Lets see how code can work by clicking the links below


Printscreen “Please Select an Option

IF MouseClick = “Our Ethos” THEN GOTO OE

     ElseIf MouseClick = “What we do?” THEN GOTO WWD

ElseIf MouseClick = “Why Learn to Code?” THEN GOTO WLTC

     ElseIf MouseClick = “Inspiring the Inventor in You” THEN GOTO ITIIY

     ElseIf MouseClick = “Courses” THEN Goto Courses

     ElseIf MouseClick = “Ninja Grading Structure” THEN Goto NGS

     ElseIf MouseClick = “Pricing” THEN Goto Pricing

     ElseIf MouseClick = “Free Discovery Sessions” THEN Goto FDIS

     ElseIf MouseClick = “IoT and the Connected World” THEN Goto IATCW

     ElseIf MouseClick = “The Digital Revolution” THEN Goto TDR

     ElseIf MouseClick = “About the Founder” THEN Goto ATF

     ElseIf MouseClick = “Press” or “Educators” or “Schools” or “Partners” or “Sponsors” THEN Goto PESPS

     ElseIf MouseClick = “Contact Us” THEN Goto ContactUs

     ElseIf MouseClick = “Not Interested” THEN

     Printscreen “OK. Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon!”


Pause FiveDays

GOTO Start



A slightly different style of writing English… But easy as 1, 2, 3!