Ninja Rocket Club

NinjaRocket Club has been running since 2016 with overwhelming popularity!!

Children have an exciting, stimulating and hands-on day exploring all aspects of STEM.

Children will:

Build a model rocket…

Create the Ninja Mission Control software

Launch their own rocket high into the sky!!!

Bringing together STEM theory with hands-on application and software code development to provide an exciting, inspiring and memorable day of learning!

The sky’s the limit!

Great for Groups!

  • Why not come along just for fun with a group of friends for a build and launch only session?
    • Looking for a special event for bored kids over the holiday period? Look no further!
    • Come as many times as you like with your friends to build many different rocket styles and soar to new heights!

  • How about a super special, one of a kind build and launch birthday party?
    • Create your own cool rockets and load them with special birthday greetings!

  • Custom packages available for schools, Scouts, Brownies, Cadets etc.

    • Customise STEM subject modules or even add coding for a Ninja Mission Control Software launch experience.

  • Great for corporate events such as team building or to reward great work
    • Spice up the competitiveness by including sessions on creating Ninja Mission Control Software, we’ll teach all you need to know!

All attendees, regardless of the event booked will keep their rocket as a flight souvenir...

That's assuming a tree did not get in the way of the landing path!!!

Pricing of Day Classes

Level 1 - Ninja Ariane

Individuals: £90 per person

Individual booking with one or more friends: £80 per person

Level 1 - Ninja Falcon

Individuals: £100 per person

Individual booking with one or more friend: £90 per person

Level 1 - Ninja Saturn

Individuals: £110

Individual booking with one or more friend:  £100 per person

As always, places are strictly limited and do get booked up rather quickly, so please call or email me ASAP!

Email Uma at

or call on 07775 510915 to secure your place!

Please call to discuss any custom requirements.

Essential Information Regarding One Day Classes

  • All classes are from 9.00am to 4.00pm
  • All classes are held at Beaconsfield Rugby Club, Oak Lodge Meadow, Windsor End, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 2SQ. 
  • Lunch is 45 mins with two 20 minute breaks morning and afternoon.
  • All classes use our sophisticated custom made electronic hardware and software launch platforms which are wirelessly controlled and speak! Want to code and record your "own voice" countdown? No problem!
  • All attendees will require a laptop but don't worry if you don't have one as we have plenty spare ones !
  • Children will need lunch, snacks and drinks for the whole day and have suitable outdoor clothing and footwear for the launch.
  • No experience of coding or flight control necessary. We will teach everything!
  • If we are experience weather prohibiting field launch, the group will be invited to another launch event for free.
  • Family and friends are all welcome for final field launch viewing by strict prior arrangement only.

What you will learn at the Day Classes

  • Develop Ninja Mission Control software, just like the real thing with a "do it and see methodology".
  • Progression through the stages means utilising more powerful rockets with heavier payloads along with increasing challenges in coding, engineering and science.
  • Use software which “real” engineers use to code on our custom built wireless electronic hardware.
  • Coding is the fourth literacy and what better way to engage children with computational thinking whilst harnessing their creativity in this incredible and exciting subject matter.
  • Development of "real" connections between theory and hands-on applications in science, technology, engineering and maths.
  • Design, conduct and report experimental investigations in relation to Newton’s laws, potential and kinetic energy.
  • Bringing together STEM in an incredibly engaging and novel way, your child will understand what drives stability and flight dynamics.
  • Develop spatial relations and conceptual thinking skills.
  • Learn to present expertise and ideas developed in front of class.
  • Enhancement of self-image through successful accomplishments.
  • Spark critical thinking skills, better research and observational techniques.
  • Development of greater awareness for safety and attention to detail.
  • Above all: a memorable and positive experience during the learning process throughout the three days.

(The closest we will get to launching a human will be a Jelly Baby or two!)

Definition of Levels

All stages build, code and launch rockets!

Challenges towards Falcon and ultimately Saturn, increase in complexity with “a do it and see methodology”.

Progression means utilising more powerful rockets with heavier payloads along with the associated coding, engineering and science.

Ninja Arianes (level 1) - will learn the basics of rocketry terminology, physics of flight, power and stability.

They will create their own mission control launch criteria algorithms, develop countdown software code measuring light and temperature all interfacing to digital rocketry electronic launch systems.

All Ninja Rocketeers will also develop deep understanding of the safety side of rocketry flight and electronic mission abort systems – just like the real thing!

Ninja Falcons (level 2) - will enhance their learning with deeper understand of rocketry hardware and software working together.

Newton’s laws will be explored giving a sense of “realism” with practical experimentation exploring weight, gravitational pull, drag, velocity, thrust and acceleration and how these apply in the real world.

They will enhance their Ariane code by integrating their “own voice” coded countdowns and develop methods of measuring altitude. Trigonometry anyone?

Payload development will include the novel design of parachutes with a view to launching and ejecting Jelly Babies!

Ninja Saturns (Level 3) - will take Rocketry to new heights (excuse the pun!) They will explore advanced coding using wireless technology and capture electronic flight data utilising on-board real time video and altitude recorders.

Flight data will then be analysed graphically using the data gathered. The rockets will be more complex “two stage” heavy payload lifters giving enormous thrust.