What is the NinjaBot?

Designed by Ninja Code Academy, it is one of the most advanced fully autonomous vehicles offering features just like a modern vehicle:

  • Four-wheel drive and motorised front roving eyes simulating human sight for obstacle detection and emotion

  • MP3 player via a removable Micro-SD card

  • Full RGB LEDs for disco simulation with music playback

  • 80 character blue on white LCD display for user scripts and system messages

  • Microphone that detects sound. Temperature and light sensing. Hand held Infra-red remote control operation

  • Fully controllable real-time clock for displaying the time and setting alarms

  • Wireless multi-way control: NinjaBot to NinjaBot or control an army of NinjaBots with your friends!

  • Play customised melodies of up to 800 tunes supplied

  • All the usual vehicle signal indicators with auto-dim lights

What and how will you learn?

The NinjaBot has been carefully researched and designed to stimulate and inspire learning to build code in a fun, hands-on interactive way, ensuring knowledge is gained and retained through practical application.

  • Your child will partially build the NinjaBot

  •  We will teach them how to give it amazing personality, customising and controlling it through software code

  •  Become more confident by owning and ‘tinkering’ with the NinjaBot for evermore at home

  •  Expand and build on your knowledge by bringing your NinjaBot to future courses, competitions and challenges!