Rocket-powered NinjaDragster day camp.

It is guaranteed to be: FAST FURIOUS and FUN !!

Core to our approach in STEM, we strive in developing inspiring, engaging, problem solving skills with your children; driving a “can do” approach with a deeply PRACTICAL HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE.

What is it and Lesson Flow?

  • NinjaDragster is a hot new rocket-powered one day class where your children will design and develop Dragsters out of stiff foam.
  • Plan, design and build what THEY think will go fast...
  • Learn to use workshop tools to shape their designs: Hacksaws, SANDPAPER, Hot Wire cutters etc.
  • Launch 1 on our CUSTOM DESIGNED 30 metre Dragster strip with timing measurement.
  • Develop deep understanding of aerodynamic design THROUGH THEORY AND PRACTICE.
  • Re-design another Dragster from scratch, this time implementing their new found skills in aerodynamic design.
  • Launch 2… Question: Will it go faster?


  • Fun and exciting environment nurturing engineering skills to create superfast – jet powered vehicles.
  • Problem solving: What if anything COULD GO wrong? WHAT DID GO WRONG? What traits are needed and how improvements can be developed.
  • Learn to logically reason: Drag, friction, gravity, weight, lift and thrust considered for successful outcomes.
  • Drive creativity: Develop individual and team ideas in design.
  • Brainstorm: Come up with the best ideas for Launch 2.
  • Inspiration: Do it and see!
  • Use of typical workshop tools in a “hands on” environment.
  • Hugely enthusiastic tutors.
  • Take home both your dragsters! WHOLE OR IN PIECES!


  • All children will be required to obey all safety briefings at all times.
  • Eye protection goggles will be provided from time to time AS NEEDED throughout the day.
  • New hygienic masks PER INDIVIDUAL will be provided for each child when near cutting/shaping equipment.

Other info:


Zero… WELL... Perhaps some enthusiasm TO MAKE things go fast!

What do you need to bring?

Plenty of food and drink throughout the day

WATERPROOF clothes suitable just in case it rains during LAUNCH periods

Estimated time outside is 2 hours total

Who can attend?

All children aged 7 and up

We especially encourage girls to attend!

We encourage you to book ASAP as we know this will be a very popular camp and places ARE strictly limited.

Call or email me to book!

Please do share with school friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, the camp is suitable for Non-Ninjas too as no experience is required AND NO CODING IS UNDERTAKEN.