NinjaMaker Labs

New for 2020...

Adding to Ninja Code Academy’s portfolio of engaging STEM holiday camps, we are proud to announce a brand new “life skills” camp: NinjaMaker Labs!!!

This camp is suitable for ages 7 to 18 for both boys and girls – we especially want to encourage girls to attend!

Learn skills like soldering & electronics for life!

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NinjaMaker Labs FAQ:

Key activities

  • A structured day long (9am to 4pm) programme where your child will master key STEM related hands-on engineering and building skills.
  • Your child will develop specification, product design and application concepts from first principles.
  • The main activity will be to learn to solder and build a table-top digital clock with a cool multi display selectable electronically revolving analogue and digital display; indicating time, temperature and alarm. In addition, the brightness is selectable to auto dim according to the ambient light in the room, see video and pictures.
  • A plug-in adapter will be provided to power the unit and of course to take home and use with your clock.

What you will need to bring?

  • Ample food and drink for the day. Lunch and two 20 minute breaks.
  • No other pre-requisites.
  • You will not need a laptop as this is purely a hands-on design and build camp.