What the Ninjas Parents say…

Anoma and Sophie:

Sophia thinks she has found what she wants to do for a career after having attended the fantastic, inspirational classes by Ninja Code Academy.

Manisha Patel, Head of Computing, KHPS

This is a fantastic, forward thinking educational resource! Ninja Code Academy have completely identified with what is at the core of the new Computing Curriculum-nurturing ‘computational thinkers’, equipping children and young adults with the skills to think in a way that would otherwise be impossible! We live in a digital age and our children are ‘digital natives’… Enrich their learning!

Nick and Honor M:

Child Quote: ‘Ninjabot was great fun, I loved my robot and was surprised how much I was able to do by the end of the classes.’

Parent Quote: ‘Coding is a key skill for the future. The NinjaBot classes makes coding relevant and fun for children.’

Angela D (parent of Isabella)

Isabella really enjoyed the two days immensely. This was right up her street as she really likes to get stuck in with all toys with a technological edge. Isabella would very much like to do the next level and would definitely consider doing this as an after school activity. She is very excited about showing her Ninjabot to her 14 year old male cousin on Christmas Day as he is also into stuff like this and would love an opportunity to do some coding.

JoJo S (parent of Tia)

Having had three sons who had done similar coding courses, Tia was eager to have a go and we liked the professional content of the course.

Tia most definitely enjoyed the course.

Eliza J (young lady at Godstowe writing to her headmaster)

Dear Mr. Gainer, I would like to recommend that Ninja Code Academy be invited to come back in the next school holiday. I would like this because I really enjoyed the camp, and I’m sure others did as well. It was great fun and I learned a lot. I think other students would like to do this as well, particularly when they hear from me and others how useful and fun it was.

After the camp, you come home with i) a NinjaBot (a 4-wheel vehicle that follows your commands), ii) loads of information on how to code it, iii) everything that you have learned is there on your own laptop, and iv) problem solving skills that will help you throughout life. I know that Ninja Code Academy would like to come back and so would we!


Louis Bell

thought you'd like to know Tom and Lucy both really enjoyed their first Code lesson; Lucy gave a double thumbs up and Tom gave ten thumbs up!

Charlotte McKnight

Nav and Uma are amazing .... Passionate and dedicated. My son is now living and breathing coding ... All thanks to their approach and commitment. Can highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Anita Burns 

Can't recommend Ninja Code Academy Highly enough. Finley has loved his first term. I've never seen him so enthusiastic about learning before. Keep up the good work. Count us in for next term.

Dana J (parent of Eliza)

I'm surprised with the level of enthusiasm my daughter attended the NinjaBot workshop. The whole process seem to engage her at every level. Many thanks to Uma and Navin for assured and knowledgeable guidance and attention! The end product is a superb Xmas present.

Katryna M (parent of Mimi)

Child Quote: one of the best camps I have ever gone to.

Parent Quote: We have tried lots of camps over the years and do not always end up with such an incredibly happy and enthusiastic child! I especially love that she was also learning. Win!!

My child demanded to attend! Found the course enjoyable and engaging. Well paced, constantly engaged, described as “the best fun ever.”

Annie Avaliani - about the NinjaBot Course

You guys have worked magic today 🙂

Toko loved the class and has been showing us all the new things he has learnt all evening!!! Thank you so much.

Sharon Cowley - about the NinjaBot course

This is a fantastic course!

My son, Toby, did it at Flackwell Heath and wished there were more days!

Really worthwhile and fun and led by passionate instructors. Definitely recommend.

Ann S

From attending the insight event and seeing the “Shybot” and other amazing gadgets, also learning that 1 plus 1 could also be 10, my daughter was hooked.

Despite some learning difficulties, which do not seem to have impacted her ability in these classes she has really enjoyed every class, learned so much and comes home with a great sense of achievement.

The classes are “hands on” and as such fun, with immediate results, or not, and if it doesn’t work it’s a team effort to understand why and figure it out!

The devotion of Nav and Uma, and their diligence with the children to ensure they all understand is impressive. Even if a child misses a week, they make sure that they are not left behind the rest of the class.

Unfortunately this technology is beyond my comprehension, but the enthusiasm my daughter has in showing us her achievements makes us so very proud. – Well done Ninja Code Academy.

Diane Hill 

Absolutely superb course!

Sam is literally counting the days until next Thursday for his class to begin!

Compelling content targeted at both inspiring the children and turning on their fun and creative sides. Doesn't just prepare them for the technical challenges of the future but in reality creates them as the leaders of the technical world.

Plus he spends his world week looking forward to it. His only complaint is when it's time to leave !

Helen Taylor

My son, Camden Taylor, went to the discovery session at the Redgrave Centre. To say he is excited is an understatement, he came back buzzing!

Nozomi and Mia:

Child Quote: "On this course, I learned a lot, made a cool robot and had lots of fun. I would definitely encourage people to have a go at the course because not only do you have fun there, you can also continue coding at home.

I find coding interesting because the coding language is different to normal English, so you have to learn how to use it. It’s kind of fun to explore what it does and how to make the robot do what you want it to do. Also there are levels 1-9 which is good because you are not overloaded with information at once and you can learn step by step. "

Parent Quote: "Mia was extremely keen to join the course when she first saw the demo at school. I am convinced that coding is a valuable tool that Mia will find useful for furthering her opportunities, at school, or in a future career. I was very happy that the course was offered at her school which enabled her to access the world of coding in such a fun and engaging manner.