Term-time Ninja Courses

We have a new intake at the start of a new term.


Ninja term-time courses run on a 10 week term broadly following school terms.


All classes are an hour each but we require children to arrive 5-10 minutes early to set up their equipment so that the class can start on time.


Each hour is typically 10 mins. recap, 15 mins of  ‘theory’ and the rest is “ hands on… try it and see ! ”


Example Course Content:

  • Basics of how Microcontrollers work and connectivity to basic sensors to do fun things!

  • Electronics and software interfacing

  • Software programming tools and use. Algorithms, computational thinking and human interaction

  • Voltage, current and resistance (Yes we will blow a few things up… Safely!)

  • Binary maths using 2 numbers (1,0) Yikes! (0+0 = 0)… (0+1 = 1)… (1+0 = 1)… (1+1 = ?)

  • Inputs: Reading buttons, sensors and the internet

  • Outputs: Controlling lights, sounds for audio/visual effects and the internet

  • Creative uses of modular hardware. They will have to think!

Challenges increase with the grading levels…

  • More complex sensors and interfaces introduced

  • LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays)

  • Complex RGB LEDs

  • Temperature Sensing

  • Light Sensing

  • Human Sensing

  • When is binary not binary? Answer: When it’s analogue!

  • Robotics basics

  • Group projects

We will continually draw analogies to the “real world” through personal experience inspiring curiosity!

All Ninja’s start with a white T-shirt and each group graduates through stages with coloured sew on badges:







Black  – The ultimate Code Ninja

All Ninjas take a ‘quiz’ at the end of each term, knowledge is consolidated and group discussions follow to ensure all are comfortable with the material covered.


Ninjas are then awarded with their well earned badge !!


Ninjas normally remain in the same class for the whole time they are with us.


We anticipate your Ninja can achieve Black Ninja status in 2 years!

Experienced Ninja’s are welcomed to teach and support classes…great for the CV, DofE etc.


Important Points for Parents:

Your Ninja will need to bring: 

  • A low specification Windows laptop PC with at least Win 7 installed. Beg or borrow a “hand-me down

  • The Starter Kit Used in class and at home.

Software will be installed at the first class covering basic use and navigation.


All tutors and customer facing staff are DBS Certified and First Aid trained.

Details can be provided on request.


Current Locations

  • Beaconsfield
    Bourne End
  • Kenton