NinjaMobile App Development

Learn to Make the games you like to play...

Could Your child be the kid who created an app over summer?

What is it?

This is a structured program from basic to advanced levels that teaches kids aged 8 to 16 the development of mobile device applications, from basics right through to appstore publishing!

Starting from the ground up, Ninja Code Academy will introduce the basics of hardware and software apps, architecture, idea development and coding; providing solid grounding to succeed in creating their first apps.

Children will not need any prior knowledge of programming and due to the highly optimised block based language we use, they will realise a basic first application in under one hour!

We are running levels 1 and 2 and DUE TO MASSIVE DEMAND,


For further detail on what each level includes click here!

A typical session will run as follows:

  • 20 mins teach and demo a feature
  • 20 mins have a go, whilst we are all online
  • 5 mins show and tell
  • then a strict 15 min break before the next session.

What will you need to take part?

  • All attendees will require a laptop but don't worry if you don't have one as we have plenty spare ones !
  • An Android device - we can lend you one if required with pre-booking, deposit and safe collection


Additional referral discount are available if you if you bring along a Non-Ninja friend or sibling !!

  • If Level 1 and Level 2 are booked together, there is a discounted price of £325
  • If Level 2 and Level 3 are booked together, there is a discounted price of £270
  • If all 3 Levels are booked together (Ie. 5 days) the discounted price is £435
  • Further discounts may be available for Group bookings. Please ask.

Please email or call me ASAP to book your place (or discuss suitability etc.)

As always, places are strictly limited and do get booked up rather quickly, so please call or email me ASAP!


NinjaMobile Apps Development - Level 1 (2 day camp) - 9.30am - 4pm each day

  • Children will learn to develop an app quickly without any prior programming knowledge!
  • We will encourage the kids to go from just swiping to building their own apps from their own ideas.
  • Teamwork will be encouraged in a fun, interactive and highly engaging 2 day course.

NinjaMobile Apps Development - Level 2 (2 day camp) - 9.30am - 4pm each day

(This is for children who have completed Level 1)

  • Many children do all 4 days in a row and really do excel due to the continued momentum
  • We will take everything learned at Level 1 and extend this to create complex and engaging apps
  • Many individual and team projects around design, creativity and coding
  • We will even setup our own fictitious app. development company. Just like the real world!
  • Learn how to create apps that people want: Technical, commercial and driving audiences and money
  • Using advanced sensors and applications of a phone in your app. such as mapping
  • Learn how to create a Developer account and publish an app

NinjaMobile Apps Development - Level 3 (1 day camp) - 9.30am - 4pm each day

(This is for children who have completed Level 1 and 2)

  • Many children will aspire to do all 5 days in a row. App. development will become somewhat addictive as their creativity is unleashed.
  • Now our theme is to create further, more challenging gaming apps. as well as look at some of the sensors built into devices to create health apps. and GPS using your own creativity!
  • Participants will be truly inventing!